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Who We Are

Founded in 2021 with the support of over 105 investors, we are a Houston-based non-operating oil and gas company. Led by a six-member board of experienced industry professionals, our goal maximize the company’s exit valuation by using investor capital to acquire attractive oil and gas properties, manage those properties, and then reinvest our excess cash flows into further acquisitions or to support the growth of strategic partnerships.

Areas of interest

Our area of interest lies primarily in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and Louisiana, where we have a significant presence in the Permian and Non-Core Permian basins. Our assets are primarily cash-flowing and legacy PDP properties that offer long-term upside and horizontal development opportunities. We are also open to partnering with larger operators in non-core areas for both development and divestment opportunities.

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Retire and sell with us

We will work with you on a flexible exit strategy, including a partial or full sale for stock, cash, or a combination of the two. Through a tailored plan, we can satisfy preferences such as a tax-efficient structure, the ability to become a Spearpoint investor, the retention of certain royalty interests, or an arrangement to sell Spearpoint new AFEs with acreage on a go-forward basis.

Reasons to deal with us

We are a privately held oil and gas company, not backed by private equity. Our board of directors is comprised of long-time oilmen who understand that a deal needs to be good for both sides. By working directly with us, you'll save on advisory fees and commissions, and enjoy the flexibility of choosing the timing and mode of sale that works best for you. Additionally, we are comfortable working with a variety of record management systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved.